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Astrologer Loda Shaw

Loda Shaw, Jr. has studied, practiced, and taught western astrology for 30 years. He is a warm, open, caring person who has deep understanding of humanity, and a strong desire to help others find their inner strength and guidance. The push and pull that the astrological bodies exert upon us here on Earth can provide impetus for growth, protective constraints, challenges, and a myriad of other psychological and physical effects. We can go through life unaware of these invisible forces, or we can learn to see them and work with them. It is Loda's goal to help his clients work with the astrological forces in a way that improves their lives and increases their happiness.

Loda is an expert in the field of Relocated Charts. In the modern world, few of us continue to live in the place where we were born. A move to a new location changes your rising sign, which will often put your planets in different houses - all of which can greatly change the focus and points of emphasis in your life and personality.

Readings can be conducted either in person or over the phone. Loda's readings include:

  • Natal Birth Charts using transits, progressions, directions and the Solar Return Chart
  • Relocation Charts
  • Composites and Synastry Charts for relationship issues

Loda's readings are detailed, insightful, positive, and practical. He provides specific information about how the astrological bodies affect his clients' strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and needs. Loda's aim is to help each client maximize their strengths, minimize their weakness, fortify and emphasize their abilities, while still taking care of themselves in ways they may often neglect.

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